Can You Hug The Sky?

不知道是怎樣的因緣,他突然問了小法王一句: “我可以抱你嗎?”
只有七歲的小法王靜靜地回答:“你可以抱住天空嗎?” ~摘自噶瑪噶舉之家


A summary of the above in English: Someone visited the then seven year old Karmapa, and asked if he could hug him. The Karmapa replied calmly, ‘Can you hug the sky?’ We busy ourselves for the illusory all our lives, hoping to grasp on to many things, which are fleeting in nature, unsubstantial. Thus are we often busy meaninglessly.

Even the people we cling to change. That’s why clinging to the beloved is not different from trying to cling to a shifting cloud, to the boundless sky. May we learn to treasure everyone with less attachment in the moment, exactly because they would have changed in the next.

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