Buddha Not

L: Is the so-called Buddha boy in Nepal really ‘Buddha’ or ‘Buddha-to-be’?

Q: According to a report, a French journalist saw that at night, the boy is shielded from the public, and he eats in secret. If so, the perception created that he doesn’t eat is an illusion. Anyway, the Buddha taught that extreme ascetic fasting is not the Middle Path he advocates. There is also no clear link between the boy’s ‘teachings’ (which are short and vague) and the Buddha’s. In fact, there are non-Buddhist elements. It could be an elaborate scheme to make money? Note that folks in the area milk the fruits of tourism by selling related ‘souvenirs’ too. The next Buddha openly arising in our world, as taught by the Buddha, will be 5.6 billion years later. Actually, the guy denied being the Buddha reborn, though he said he will be a Buddha in around 6 years.

L: I saw many monks paying respect to him, but to me, I don’t see any Buddha quality in him… How can he look so messy with long hair as compared to the Buddha who has a clean and radiant appearance?

Q: Sadly, many tend to blindly follow the crowd. Sometimes, monastics too, who are not well informed. Then again, there are some bogus monks here and there, who might be roped in to create a scene of reverence. You’re right – a Buddha wouldn’t look so messy. The Buddha-to-be cut off his own hair!