Another Arbitrary Test?

From the graphic novel ‘Americus’ by MK Reed and Jonathan Hill is this amusing frame. According to the Bible, everything arose less than 6,000 years ago, while modern science points to fossils dated back to the Archean Eon, some 4.6 to 2.5 billion years ago. When Creationists stumble upon Scientists’ discoveries that inconveniently prove them wrong, they often conveniently say the so-called Creator made those discoveries possible to test our faith. The fossil issue is one of these arbitrary tests. Arbitrary because they are not intended by anyone in the first place for testing anyone, while anyone can claim it is a test by someone, even at the expense of reasoning.

If there is such a Creator who needs to tests his created beings, it means two things. First, he is very insecure, or he would not need to test his ‘perfect creation’. Second, he is very cruel, as some will fail such tests, given the blatant contradicting proof. These two factors render such a Creator as being lacking in faith in himself, and lacking love for his creation, which automatically makes him not a perfect all-loving being – the very attributes supposed of such an assumed Creator. ‘Magically’, this reasoning makes the Creator idea disappear in an instant puff of logic.

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