Respect Dead Or Alive

From the movie ‘Peepli (Live)’, which is social tragedy of about how a poor farmer was tempted to kill himself to secure government funds for his family.

Natha: If I will not be alive then, what is the use for respect?
Budhia: If you don’t do anything for your family, then how will you get respect?

Indeed, to die just to get respect is not sensible. In fact, it takes a huge ego to forsake one’s life just for respect. It would mean one’s ego is worth more than precious life. But if one’s death helps others substantially, it is worth considering – not for the respect, but for whatever help it renders to others. This is what deserves true respect – it has no ego involved. It is only altruism. Of course, killing of anyone, including oneself, should only be a last resort. Because life is so precious. Don’t be too hasty in thinking of dying for others. How about living for them?

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