Strive On!

K: Hi Laoshi, I think it is the first time I saw so ’emotional’, and very rightly so. It is a blessing for us to have you as our teacher guiding us on this difficult path. Many thanks. Amituofo
S: Oh dear, looks like I became too agitated… One of my weaknesses is that I get upset by misportrayal of the Dharma. Thank you for appreciating the session! Amituofo
P: Tonight, you have equipped us with some skills to discern fake Dharma teachers. It’s scary how easily anyone can be led astray, even Buddhists who have been practicing for a good number of years. Thank you for tonight’s lesson. Amituofo
H: I was moved by your passionate plea to defend against the ‘forces of Mara’, and how you were ‘constantly pressured’ by such. Keep up the striving. We are behind you all the way!
S: Thank you for your support and appreciation! Amituofo

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