Are Vegan Bloggers Extreme?

From ConscienceSpeaking:

(On the suggestion that blogging on veganism is off the Middle Path): What Middle Path? Is anyone blogging about veganism extreme, off the Middle Path? Was the Buddha’s teaching against violence not of the Middle Path? Have never heard of vegans who point guns at anyone to force others to turn vegan.

But animals are forced to go under the knife repeatedly. Who is extreme? Truly extreme are those who are apathetic, who do not care, who ask others to stop caring. Extreme are those who continue to consume with greed, with disregard to animal suffering, not willing even to lessen it by consumption.

May more and more continue to be the voices for the voiceless; and never stay silent. Though the animals are screaming away in pain, they are hidden far way; their cries cannot be heard. May no one let go of speaking up for them. Please don’t ask anyone not to speak up for the animals.

From Zweiya:

We are clear that there’s no way to make people to be kind to animals or to be vegans if they refuse to. We are just the voices for the suffering animals with no weapons but just facts. And we certainly do not expect everyone to agree with us. But this will not deter us from continue to speak for the animals.

I’m not sure what do you mean by Middle Path. Is it to stop advocating about how we can relieve animals’ suffering? To us, seeing sentient beings suffer, be they animals or insects, and yet not lending a hand to help is to be away from the Middle Path, which is to be walked with greater and greater compassion until it becomes immeasurable, encompassing all sentient beings. If speaking up for voiceless animals is not the Middle Path, the Bodhisattva vows taken by Bodhisattvas and Buddhas (as in the Brahma Net Sutra) would be extreme as well?