Kind Of Bizarre?

From Nemo:

It is kind of bizarre when non-vegans claim that there are vegans who are lousy in other aspects of life, even as they are kind to animals; that there are non-vegans who are good in other aspects of life other than choice of consumption (yes, veganism is not just about food but avoiding harm of sentient beings through refrain from using items that involve animal exploitation: experimentation and such).

It is bizarre because vegans in their right minds never ever claim that all vegans are perfect in all aspects of life; or that all non-vegans fare poorly in all aspects of life.

Why should there be a need to choose between being a vegan who is good only to animals, or a non-vegan who is good only to humans? Veganism as a lifestyle that advocates equanimity suggests being good to all beings, including humans and animals.

It is better to be good to more and all beings than just some beings. Simple as that. Well-rounded veganism is a necessary step in this direction. May all beings be well and happy, free from fear and harm.