Slavery & Murder Are Already Extremes

Last week, I gave a talk on the value of veganism. During the Q&A session, two participants brought up points along this line: ‘The conditions in factory farms might not be as intense as that featured in animal activist groups’ videos. And dairy cows are “put down” later.’

Here is my fuller reply on why these are non-issues: Factories that allow general visits are by default the less atrocious ones – which is why the activist groups had to film footages in secret. Obviously, those who are allowed to make general visits think it’s all fine and dandy – who have NEVER witnessed what happens on the killing floor, with the shrieks, struggles, blood and all.

‘Putting down’ is euphemism for slaughter. No animal dies happily. The profit-driven animal-breeding industry is not so foolish, as to not fully exploit animals all the way. ALL milk cows are systematically and regularly raped to make them lactate till they are deemed too dry. And their calves ARE always stolen away too. They will all become meat, leather and such.

It doesn’t matter at all, even if animals live ‘good lives’ on any farm. Slavery and murder are already extremes they suffer. As featured in one of the slides, a serial-killer who does serial-killing of humans CANNOT justify his killing just because the murdered humans already led good lives. No one is his right mind will think that just because a human baby grows up happy into adulthood, it will be okay to enslave throughout and kill him eventually. If so, why impose such suffering on any other sentient being? And why support it?

Remember… it was repeatedly mentioned that the talk was to encourage reduction in consumption of animal produce. It’s not all or nothing. It was not so ‘extremely’ unrealistic as to expect total conversion to veganism, though there is feedback of conversion from some too. Sadhu!

May all beings be well and happy, free from harm and danger.