Do Vegans Not Care About Insects?

From Zweiya:

We never did tell anyone that we do not care about insects or worms. It is very unfortunate that some insects or worms have to die while our food are being cultivated and harvested. What we can do is to reduce suffering. Veganism is exactly the way. And if you have a choice, go organic, where pesticides and insecticides are not used. Thus, further reducing the suffering. We know that veganism is not a perfect system, and we never did claim that it is. But it is the best so far, in terms of reducing suffering . Unless there are some ways we can avoid hurting all animals and insects while consuming our food, I think being a vegan is still the best choice so far for now.

From Susie:

Just so you know, people that consume meat, hurt not only the animals they eat but as well as the insects and worms… If you have not noticed, factory-farmed animals eat crops too! And the crops used to feed those overcrowded factory-farmed animals can actually end world-hunger. [In other words, in terms of feed-ratio, to eat meat is to be linked to harm of many more insects. E.g. It takes 14 kg of plant protein to create a kg of beef.]

From Dreamy:

Indeed this is Samsara. That’s why veganism is not about perfectionism/extremism… What vegans are trying to do is to cut down the amount they need to destroy in order to sustain themselves. Compare the 2 sentences: “Since I will still indirectly kill insects when I eat plants, I might as well continue to eat meat.” vs “I will still indirectly kill insects when I eat plants, but I can work to lessen killing by stop eating animals [who eat many more plants, linked to killing of many more insects].” Like what was mentioned, you just have to ask your heart. Trust what your heart tells you.