Sam & Sara #389: Eating Animals

Jonathan Safran Foer’s book title does not imply animal-eaters only eat animals and do nothing else. It is a way to de-objectify animals as merely ‘meat’.

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Sam & Sara #389: Eating Animals

Sam: She claimed she was reduced to a simple label – an ‘animal-eater’, and nothing else.
Sara: Strange, because I never did that. I only wrote about animal-eaters in general, and never said all they do is eat animals.
Sam: Strange too, that she forgets that she reduces animals to simple labels every day, and nothing else.
Sara: Such as?
Sam: Fillet, pork, beef, drumstick, nugget, roast… fancy non-sentient names.
Sara: Sigh… as if these animals are just for eating?

Sam: Anyway, animal-eaters don’t see vegans as plant-eaters, and nothing else either. But why use ‘animal-eaters’ anyway?
Sara: The use of ‘animal(s)’ instead of ‘meat’ is a reminder not to objectify animals as ‘meat’ only.
Sam: What is a nicer term for those who eat animals, other than ‘animal-eaters’, that at the same time does not objectify animals?
Sara: ‘Carnivores’ sounds harsh and most are omnivores anyway. But ‘omnivores’ isn’t a good term as it doesn’t spur compassion for the animals.
Sam: What about ‘plant-and-animal-eaters’?
Sara: It’s a mouthful, but why not? Let’s just call a spade a spade!

Since words have power,
may all only use words,
and listen to words such,
that they increase compassion and wisdom.

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This’ll be expanded & illustrated as a comic in a ‘Sam & Sara’ book sequel later.

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2 thoughts on “Sam & Sara #389: Eating Animals

  1. What irony…
    if a meat-eater objectifies oneself as merely an animal-eater,
    and objectifies animals as merely meat,
    while insisting that one is more humane than that.

    Plant-eaters are what they are… and more.
    Animal-eaters are what they are… and more.
    Plant-and-animal eaters are what they are… and more.
    Of course!

    The question is…
    Are we, no matter what we eat,
    becoming more compassionate to one and all,
    including to humans and animals.

    Humanity is not reserved for humans only.
    Humanity can be truly great when it encompasses all beings.

  2. From observation and some guesswork, some non-vegans (ok, not you, you touchy one, whoever you are!) might feel that vegans are ‘holier-than-thou’ not because vegans really project themselves to be so; but simply because deep down, they feel ‘less-holy-than-vegans’.

    And it’s perfectly understandable, as all the crucial facts are against meat-eating, while they try to defend a sure-lose battle. It is clear that abstaining from demand for meat definitely makes the world a better place. Hell, just check out the info: I wish they will sincerely check out the truth before debating in circles.

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