Bad History?

Question: A friend sent me a video documentary of the historical battle of China against the Japanese’s invasion during WWII, saying every Chinese ought to watch it. What do you think? Should I watch it?

Answer: Different parties have different ways of portraying different facets of history. It is inevitable that there be some bias, though some facts are indisputable. It is seldom the case in war that one side is entirely victims and the other entirely victimisers. Details are often more grey than black or white. Whatever it is, the annals of history should be for reference and learning only; so as to not repeat its negative chapters, making the same mistakes.

We have to remember that the people of the past are not the people now, which means we should not use any negativity from the past as basis for harbouring, fortifying or growing hatred in the present. This should apply equally on all sides. This is the only way to create new good history out of any bad history.

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