Take The Vacancy?

In the movie ‘Vacancy’, a couple were urged by circumstances, of their car breaking down in the middle of nowhere one night, to walk some distance to a creepy motel, feeling compelled to risk spending the night there. And as we know of such thriller flicks, they check in a room and have a horrible night, finding it hard to check out.

It made me wonder what I would do if in their shoes. The answer is simple, though not very comfortable. Since the car is too far and dangerous to return to in the dark, it shouldn’t be returned to. And since the motel doesn’t seem quite right, while it does offer some shelter, why not stay just outside it, or at the lobby? If a threat comes from without, run in a room. If a threat comes from within, run out. There you have it. A ‘Middle Path’ solution. There is no need to enter too deep or exit too far.

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