Past Parents

I asked him why he doesn’t seem very concerned for the spiritual well-being of his parents. He replied that since we have been reborn so many times, we have all been one another’s parents at some point in the past, and that if so, he doesn’t see why he should be too particular about his present set of parents. It seems vaguely logical at first… but upon closer scrutiny, he isn’t very unconditionally and equanimously helpful to other beings either.

And if one is not even very concerned about one’s present parents, who are the most clear and present parents now, can one truly care more about strangers, other ‘past parents’? Spiritual charity begins at home, unless there are obstacles at the moment, which we should strive to overcome too. Right?

2 thoughts on “Past Parents

  1. Other than the points raised, we can also reflect upon this matter from another point of view. When we observe someone to be not like us in terms of practising spiritual charity or offering unconditional or equanimous help to others, one good way is perhaps to slowly bring him or her into our lives whenever the circumstances allow, so he or she can have more opportunities to observe the kind of ‘spiritual charity at home’ that we are talking about.

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