Change: Super Short Story (215)

Super Short Story (215): Change

Since he had changed much over the years,
she wondered which person she really loves.
Is it the past version of him, or a future version?

But the past is already gone,
and the future yet to come.
Or is she harbouring hope
that he will return to his past self in the future?

Either way, despite him being there in the flesh,
is she in love with a ghost from another time,
or just with his potential to change back?

Maybe she should get to know him in the present.
Who knows? He might be better now than ever!

1 thought on “Change: Super Short Story (215)

  1. Making a change is always a choice that we all choose to do so. Changes are always two ways, positive or negative. We should always choose ways for us to improve ourselves and be positive about the situation. Never change into something negative, hurting ourselves and people that love us along the way.

    Make a choice today to change for the better!

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