Alone: Super Short Story (247)

Super Short Story (247): Alone

As she laid on the bed
beside her love after making love,
she realised something
existentially distressing and liberating at the same time…

The truth is, even when with the beloved,
with all the intimacy possible,
there is no way to really attain the beloved,
to even hold on to someone’s body and mind for an instant –
because everyone is physically and mentally changing all the time, slipping away.

It struck her that she was born alone, and will die alone.
But that’s so clichéd a notion.
What’s new is that in between,
she is alone too, despite being with others.

But that also means she is free from others,
as her body and mind changes in each instant too.
Yet, there is interdependence in interaction with others,
that need not demand to have and to hold –
like a truer kind of love.