世间所有的相遇,都是久别重逢。- 章子怡饰演宫二,一代宗师
Every encounter in this world is a reunion after departure. – Gong Er, Zhang Ziyi in ‘The Grandmaster’

The above quote stuck with me for days. Maybe it’s because it resonates with the Buddhadharma. In Buddhism, we say every single sentient being has some way(s) been related to us before. We could have being family, friends, enemies, lovers, relatives or all of the above. We have, perhaps repeated these processes of inter-relating for countless kalpas already.

However, despite such a long time of being in Samsara together, some reunions are not pleasant. Could it be that we have not been getting any wiser in resolving our karmic grudges carried over from previous lives? I do not know exactly how long have I been reborn in Samsara. It certainly ‘feels’ long. Getting reborn into this life and having studied the Buddhadharma makes me more determined not to go through rebirth again.

We are now officially more than 10% into the Dharma-ending age. Although it might be interpreted as metaphorical, depending on the individual’s diligence, the general climate is worrying, and definitely is no equal to the golden age of Buddhism in the past. I do not have to see more violence and suffering to conclude that enough is enough.  Next destination, Amitabha’s Pure Land.

Some might argue, surely there is worldly happiness. Indeed. But it is very much ephemeral and unsubstantial, which somehow makes everything trivial and sad. Sometimes, families can be broken due to greed; friendship terminated out of jealousy; love torn from dishonesty; enemies formed from hatred. Things should get better with time. But with every new rebirth, if we seem to be further poisoned by more greed, hatred and ignorance, samsaric reunions then, are not always beds of roses… Sometimes they can develop into tragedies.

I propose to let bygones be bygones. The grudges we carry are not going to be helpful in this life or the next. If you have any grudges, settle them with compassion and wisdom. Hatred cannot be settled with retaliation. Not a single grudge is worth carrying to your deathbed or the next life. Create happy reunions, not ugly ones. May all be free from any malice, and be well and happy always.

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