Unbearable Weight Of ‘Gravity’

The movie ‘Gravity’ to me is about the cosmic existential drama of…

1. Being ready for ‘one helluva ride’ that is life in each moment.
2. Being suspended weightless as ‘somethingness’ between the ‘everythingness’ of the world (Earth) and nothingness of space.
3. Being ultimately alone with your heavy burden to choose where to go, even if you have lost your sense of direction.
4. Being constantly reborn, like embryos afloat, kept in the momentum of karmic orbit until we break free.
5. Being in the web of cause and effect, interacting with mind and matter, space and time, life and death.
6. Being in the koan of not knowing when to hold on and when to let go of life itself.
7. Being in the absolute (radio) silence from everything else to hear your thoughts clearer.
8. Being the questioner and answerer of – ‘What’s the point of going on?’

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