Smart Alec

Am always interested in hearing how the man on the street philosophises. I overheard a poor philosophical argument during lunch from the table next to me. It was one of those, for lack of a better word, a ‘smarty-pants’ one, that wasn’t even really smart. Hmmm… perhaps a really better word is ‘smart-ass’… unfortunately. (It’s the more contemporary term for ‘smart alec’.)

A guy, as a parting shot, maybe to create a lasting impression on a girl he was chatting with, asked if she believes in God. In a hurried manner, he wanted her to say she wasn’t sure. He then labelled her as ‘agnostic’. Next, he said that any higher power she believes in is her God. Thus, he proudly declares, she isn’t agnostic at all.

Wow! What total nonsense. First of all, the concept of God should be defined properly first. With agreement on that, it would be easy to define her as agnostic or not; instead of by default saying she believes in an arbitrary God – which could include anything, from money to power, sex to violence… He succeeded on the impression bit though, as it led me to blog this.

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