Missing Inches, Missing Love?


Guy: What is your criteria for an ideal boyfriend.
Gal: Height is important, with a good sense of humour.
Guy: What if he has everything you ever wanted but is short?
Gal: Oh, I know a guy who is good-looking, kind, funny, full of wit and knowledge. Too bad that he is short.
Guy: And?
Gal: Not compatible la!

We often fall for the idea of love and but not in love itself. At least not at the initial stage of a relationship. It could be that we were too brainwashed by the likes of Korean rom-com dramas where all the male leads are immaculately-styled and surprisingly well-built, almost always ready to rescue the likewise immaculately-styled and surprisingly flawless damsels in distress. Well, at least we know that’s a ‘right’ formula for top-rated dramas.

Okay, to be fair, the gal above happened to be tall. It’s almost natural for tall gals to look for guys who are taller, or who are at least of the same height. Few wouldn’t mind a shorter guy, and vice versa. Criteria like looks or the built do not guarantee lasting relationships. When it comes to love, seriously, looks don’t matter at all. If your love for that person is genuine and unconditional, you will love his/her character rather than his/her appearance. Just as you should be wise enough to know who to befriend, you should do the same for your lifelong partnership, and not let heavy maquillage exterior clouded your perspective of the inner.

Of course, they are the ‘lucky’ few whose partners are near ‘perfect’ physically. Certainly, we don’t see many Princess Yasodaras and Prince Siddharthas around, do we? And to have both good looks and a good-looking partner, at the same time with noble character, you need eons of good karma. You may want to start accumulating merits now. Let us also aspire for birth in Amitabha Buddha’s (Amituofo) Pure Land, where 32 noble forms are guaranteed, with no more BGR coupling, decoupling and recoupling problems!

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