Intoxication: Wandering Thought #100

Wandering Thought #100: Intoxication

Beyond the obvious drugs and such, anything that you are addicted to, to the extent that you feel deprived without it when it is really not supposed to be a necessity, it is something you are already intoxicated with. It can be experience of a cigarette, ‘comfort’ food, drink, person, place… What imagined to be a true source of joy easily flips over to be a true source of suffering when absent. It is a chain that binds you instead of a path to liberation. Even when the external are somewhat helpful at first, they are but temporal clutches to be dropped later, lest you are held captive, limited by them. Thus, true peace of mind cannot be found through other things, but from making peace with the most immediate ‘thing’ – yourself – by realising that you can be innately whole and adequate, even as you interact with this ‘intoxicating’ world.

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