Death: Wandering Thought #107

Wandering Thought #107 : Death

Two extremes might occur when you dwell upon the eventuality of death. You might become so fretful of its arrival, that you forget to live well now. Or you might become so attached to life as it is, that you reject the truth that you will have to depart later. Why not live the middle way? Let death be a silent and solemn friend looking over your shoulder, or somewhere waiting ahead in the distance, who reminds you to cherish life fully now, so as to live and die without regrets.

1 thought on “Death: Wandering Thought #107

  1. All my wishes have come true. There is really nothing much I look forward to in life. I don’t look forward to retirement. I am prepared to leave this world anytime. I tell Buddha I just want to have a short and sweet life if possible. Hope my final wish to have a peaceful death would come true.

    Looking at the people around me, I feel that there is a lot of problems when a person grows old which is why I want to have a short and sweet life if possible. I thank Buddha for everything, good or bad.

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