The Absent Creator’s Redundant Saviour

Above is a page from ‘Jerusalem: Chronicles From The Holy City’ by Guy Delisle, that reminds us of how much violent conflict there continues to be in supposedly a holy land, due to clashing beliefs over somewhat similar yet somewhat different creators and saviours.  This led to the below.

Part 1: The Absent Creator

In an ‘only one life’ belief system,
that says all are from a good creator,
who demands that faith in a saviour
is the only way to salvation…

Does this mean that those born
before this saviour are condemned by default,
with no chance of being saved?
If so, how can the creator be good?

A good creator would not create non-believers too.
There is then no such good creator,

and the good creator idea is
both self-destroyed and self-condemned?

Part 2: The Redundant Saviour

And if those born before are saved by default,
why does a saviour need to come after to save the rest,
when all will be continually saved by default,
without the coming of this saviour?

Either this saviour need not come,
or this saviour who comes is not a true saviour of ‘all’,
as there is faith demanded,
which means many non-believers will be condemned.

A true saviour would not condemn non-believers too.
There is then no such true saviour,

and the true saviour idea is
both self-condemned and self-destroyed?

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