Cold Or Cool?

‘I Never Liked You’ by Chester Brown speaks of the uncertainty of feelings when growing up, which might even lead to what seems to be a cold sense of indifference. It is about the author, who refused to say the f word even when repeatedly taunted, but also lacks interest to reject another he knows interested in him. He would love to say ‘I love you’ to his Mother and love interest, but found it hard to.

When his Mother passes away, he tried to cry, and managed to shed a tear. Was he too unfeeling in a bad way, or equanimous in a good way? Was he on or off the Middle Path? It is hard to say, but we all do tend to feel too little or to feel too much at times. May we nurture equanimity about all, but as shaped by loving-kindness, compassion and rejoice for all. If not, we might just become too cold to be cool.

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