Review Of ‘The Little Prince’ Exhibition

Be more and more able now to better enable the future now.

An essential quote on the essential.

The little prince’s little fox, symbolic of man and nature as friends.

The little prince as the fresh pilgrim of worlds to realise the truths of human-nature.

Comments on ‘The King’ from ‘The Little Prince’:
Even the greatest ruler cannot rule over nature or the universe.
A good ruler asks for the doable but also enables more to be able.
A good ruler rules with reason.
A good follower follows the reasonable.

Comments on ‘The Conceited Man’ in ‘The Little Prince’:
The Asura Complex demands to see others as inferiors; never as superiors or even equals.
Paying attention only to praise of being superior ironically makes them inferior,
as they pay no attention to blame which is cause for reflection for betterment.

Comments on ‘The Drunkard’ in ‘The Little Prince’:
We have the choice of using the moments of limited sobriety (clarity)
to become more sober or to use them
and other moments of intoxication to become more intoxicated.
The wiser choice is ‘clear’!

Comments on ‘The Lamplighter’ in ‘The Little Prince’:
The truly meaningful (worthy) is also the truly useful (practical),
truthful (wise), good (kind) and thus beautiful (wonderful).

Comments on ‘The Businessman’ in ‘The Little Prince’:
The stars cannot be owned by anyone but they can be appreciated by everyone.
Wealth that does no good for everyone else is useless to everyone else.
Those who truly have abundant truly share.
Those who do not are truly poor.

Comments on ‘The Fox’ in ‘The Little Prince’:
We are not just individual nobodies to one another,
but significant somebodies to one another.
It is not humans who need to tame the rest of the world but that humans,
fauna and flora need to tame one another for true harmony in co-existence.

Comments on ‘The Geographer’ in ‘The Little Prince’:
A good historian of the planet records both its physical and spiritual
changing nature and its unchanging principles.

Comments on ‘The Cleaner’ in ‘The Little Prince’:
Just as we take great care of ourselves,
we should take great care of that outside of ourselves,
which we depend upon too.
The mess of the world that requires cleaning up is really the mess we have created.

Comments on ‘The Elephant-Boa-Hat’ in ‘The Little Prince’:
Almost everything is not what it seems simply because
we cannot see what is physically in each thing.
When it comes to knowing what people are really thinking and feeling,
things are even more elusive!

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