‘The Rewrite’ Rewritten?

From the movie ‘The Rewrite’…

Keith: I would argue late bloomers may have had talent all along. It was just unrecognised.
Holly: I disagree. I think it’s just about focusing.

Comments: Well, it is both – just as we have Buddha-nature all along, albeit unrecognised, that requires focus to realise its potential.

Character (Paradise Misplaced): As long as you’re alive, you can forgive and be forgiven. Once you’re dead, it gets significantly harder.

Comments: True – due to forgetfulness after rebirth. Don’t forget to forgive. And after forgiving, try not to forget the lesson learnt, even as you forgo any grudge.

Jane Austen (Mansfield Park): Selfishness must always be forgiven, you know, because there is no hope for a cure.

Comments: Not true, that there is no cure, as we can be less and less selfish, more and more selfless. While we forgive others who are selfish, since they are not enlightened yet, we should not let ourselves off the hook too easily, as we ought to work harder towards selflessness.

Mary: The key to good teaching is the willingness to always learn something new.

Comments: Indeed – the key to ever better teaching is ever diligence in better learning, including learning how to teach better. Willingness to always learn means to always have more to share, and to always be better in sharing.

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