Live And Let Live!

‘Live and let live’, the non-vegan said to his vegan friends, with great irony that he himself clearly missed…

[1] As if any vegan is even capable of forcing him to give up eating animals and their products (when vegan friends are only compassionately sharing truths on the suffering of animals online for all interested to know),

[2] As if he himself is letting animals live the good and free lives they really wish,

[3] As if he himself is not imposing on animals’ welfare and lives,

[4] As if he himself is not already forcing animals to be his tortured and killed slaves with relentless demand for their flesh and such,

[5] As if he demands vegans to not speak up for the plight of voiceless and helpless animals,

[6] As if he knows what it truly means to ‘live and let live’. Live well and let others live well too. This is the true meaning of ‘live and let live’.