Lamentations: Wandering Thought #275

Lamentations: Wandering Thought #275: Even if those whom we had good times with do not remember or treasure them like we do, there is absolutely no loss on our part. It is truly their loss, not ours. The good times are still good times in our memories. And the good we did for them is still good. But there is no need to cling to what cannot be relived anymore. (This also applies to all other kinds of better times.)

What good would it be to lament that they have forgotten what was good, to thus create new ‘bad times’ of lamentations for clinging to? What about the bad times that did transpire? Well, they have indeed transpired. Again, there is no need to cling to them, to lament on. Learn well and let go to move on.

Only now matters… now. And there should never be any lamentations about now, because it is in this now that we can truly reflect upon our past as above, to be inspired and work towards a better future. The wise do not lament – they act now to move on from past lamentations, and to prevent future lamentations.

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