Buddha Head Fruit

#ssInterestingFacts #1: Sugar-apples (custard apples)are also called ‘Sakya’ (释迦), as they are shaped somewhat similar to Sakyamuni Buddha’s (释迦牟尼佛) crown. Among many other names, they are also known as ‘Buddha head fruits’ (佛头果) in Taiwan. No, the Buddha was not bald and did not have lumps on his head. He had locks of hair that never grew again, symbolic of having cut off worldly attachments for good. And the protuberance (ushnisha; 无见顶) represents having attained the peak of perfect wisdom, the top of which can only be seen by other Buddhas who are equally perfectly enlightened. And no, the Buddha did not have green hair, though his hair radiated blue light upon enlightenment, that symbolise universal compassion for all beings.

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