How My Father Debated A Preacher

A stranger in a park tried to ask my Dad to go to church, saying that Jesus is his saviour. My Dad replied that he is a Buddhist, and that if Jesus could not even save himself from the cross, why should he believe he can save anyone? (In the Bible, Jesus was described to be reluctant to die too.) The preacher then said Jesus resurrected later. My Dad asked if he saw it. (Of course he did not.)

The churchy guy retorted that my Dad is stubborn. Well, my Dad is wise! When my Dad shared the incident with me, I added that there is LACK of adequate evidence that Jesus and his major disciples even existed outside the heavily edited Bible, despite printing of objective historical records already being available! Why take refuge in a fictitious person? This is while historians agree that the Buddha walked the Earth to teach and transform many.  

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