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Reply to a Dharma class participant (of the ’48 Vows Of Amituofo’ course:, which has an average of about 136 participants per lesson so far), who suggested having partially-sponsored (co-paid) fees instead of totally free-of-charge courses to reduce no-show registrants:

‘Those who don’t wish to pay (or can’t afford to), who do come to the totally free courses might thus become connected to the Dharma shared. Without these free courses, they might never come to learn the Dharma at all. Those who really don’t wish to pay are unlikely to see even “discounts” as appealing.

All I can do is to continue reminding everyone in class and by email, to treasure the Dharma by keep coming to class. It helps too, that there are those in class who treasure the Dharma while happy to sponsor free courses to benefit more. Hopefully, such compassion and generosity strikes the right nerve, to urge more to treasure and share the Dharma too. Great thanks to all who come free, and to all who contribute freely, who let this be possible! Amituofo’

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  1. Re: I fully support your decision to offer free Dharma courses.

    Is there a minimum amount stated if I would like to make a humble contribution to benefit other people?

    Thanks for sharing Dharma with us.

    Reply: I’ll be sending details to you. Amituofo!

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