Fakeganism (Vaguenism)

Beware of fakegan (vaguen) stuff…

FAKEGANISM (VAGUENISM): A ‘fakegan’ or ‘vaguen’ (pronounced ‘fake-gan’ or ‘vague-en’) is a ‘fake or vague vegan’, someone who claims to be vegan, who is however careless and undiligent in checking the ingredients of that consumed or used. Something (such as a food or other product) that seems vegan, be it intentionally or accidentally, with the potential to be mistaken as vegan can also be called fakegan or vaguen. Always check official product website and contact to enquire on what is uncertain. (E.g. the cake in the picture has animal gelatine despite being dairy and egg-free. Although not labelled vegan, it was mistaken by some to be vegan.)

Always check official website and contact to enquire on what is uncertain: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1618610881506248&id=719744684726210

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