‘Buddhist’ Scandals

On Recent So-Called ‘Buddhist’ Scandals

Q: Sadly, seems that money, sex and power motivates even some so-called ‘Buddhist’ leaders?
A: The Buddha and his teachings can never let us down. It is only when those who claim to teach and practise it, but do not do so properly, who let down the Buddha, his teachings and affected followers. 

Q: Perhaps some started sincere but became overcome by the Three Poisons (of greed, hatred and delusion)?
A: This is the case for some, while some others might have wrong motivations in the first place. 

Q: It seems hard for Buddhist teachers to keep on the right path?
A: If there is sincere, proper and ongoing learning and practice, they will not go off-track.

Q: What motivates you to teach the true Dharma in the face of these challenges?
A: The true Dharma itself is the motivation to continue teaching it, as it is so precious, that leads all to Buddhahood. When the goal of Buddhahood for all is understood and appreciated, it will be seen clearly that all challenges are worth overcoming. 

Namo Amituofo

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