Idiot Book

Got an idea to write a short book titled ‘101 Reasons Why You’re An Idiot’. Sounds a little ‘rude’, but it’s meant to be catchy and witty, while offering food for thought on ‘idiot philosophy’. Here are 7 reasons to be featured…

REASON #1: If your negative karma attracted the idiots in your life, who is the first idiot? Clue: Not others.

REASON #2: If you wonder why there are idiots in your life, it is because you are an idiot. If you still wonder why, you truly are one. 

REASON #3: If you really think you are not an idiot, you really are one, since you are clearly not a Buddha (yet), hence to that extent, is idiotic. 

REASON #4: If idiots never think they are idiots, you thinking you are not an idiot means you are likely to be one. If however, you already think you are one, you are already right – since true non-idiots will never think they are truly idiots.

REASON #5: If you argue with those who are truly idiots, which is futile, you are truly an idiot too. (Why not take a break and find another approach?) 

REASON #6: If you think you kind of know what this list is about though you really do not, well, you’re to that extent an idiot. 

REASON #7: If you have read this far, there is surely some, if not much resonance, with being an idiot. 

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