Mystery: Super Short Story #472

Super Short Story #472: Mystery

Where was the supposedly
mighty Mr. G on 5 November 2017
when at least 26 people,
aged 1.5 to 77 were killed,
and 20 others were wounded,

when someone opened fire
inside and outside his Texan ‘house’
during a weekly gatheirng
that centred around Mr. G himself?

The gunman was later found dead,
while an early news report said,
‘The motive for the killings is not yet clear.’
He ‘worked’ in mysterious (violent) ways then,

just as Mr. G did, as usually believed,
not preventing killing of ‘his’ people even in ‘his’ house in this case,
though no one witnessed his presence at the scene of the crime,
leading to doubt on whether there is a Mr. G
who called for the gathering in the first place.