STONEPEACE (1031-1040)


The truth of any matter 
is usually more simple or more complex; 
seldom exactly what we assume it to be.


Instead of endless lamenting 
of past fruits long gone, 
have diligent cultivating 
of future fruits to come.


Mere hoping for a dream 
to come true is like 
mere wishing for a fruit to grow well, 
without nurturing its seed.


If we keep learning, 
the older we are, 
the wiser we get; 
instead of getting more steeped 
in deep-set ignorance.


May we be as humbly repentful 
for all our misgivings 
as we are joyfully grateful 
for all our blessings.


Even eating 1 animal 
is 1 too many an animal.





It is nice to be nice,
but the nice is not always right.
It is nasty to be nasty,
but the nasty is not always wrong.


Improve your ‘self’ conventionally first,
to realise non-self ultimately later –
which is your true ‘self’.


It is not realisation of truth that hurts. 
It is attachment to delusion that hurts.