STONEPEACE (1041-1050)


While some money 
can buy incomplete ‘integrity’, 
even much money 
cannot buy complete integrity.


The sincere make amends for others. 
The insincere make excuses for themselves.


To waste food and water 
is to throw and pour your blessings away.


The universal defence against weapons 
is the universal surrender of hatred 
with the universal cultivation of loving-kindness.


SUCCESS not morally defined 
before strife for it 
is FAILURE from the start.


Communicate clearly, 
as others cannot read your mind, 
just as you cannot read theirs.


Never be so distracted 
by the means to live 
that the meaning of life is neglected.


The first lesson to learn well 
is to be humble to learn well.


Treasure your blessings 
by using stuff till they wear out; 
not only till they go out of fashion.


To think is yet to say. 
To say is yet to do. 
To do is yet to realise. 
To realise is yet to share.

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