STONEPEACE (1021-1030)


If you mistake having understanding 
as having realisation, 
you only have non-realisation 
of your misunderstanding.


If you do not know 
the right questions to ask, 
you will not know the right answers to find.


To suffer fools 
is to be a suffering fool.


Even a con-man can speak 
NINE truthful lines to gain trust, 
before sneaking in the ONE line that cons.


Be more deserving 
of blessings from others 
by having more sharing 
of blessings with others.


Your true worth is 
not the worth of your things.


Be faster in opening your mind, 
which can lead to truth. 
Be slower in forming an opinion, 
which can lead to fallacy.


Meaningful growth is not in physical size, 
but in size of the heart 
through cultivation of compassion with wisdom.


Be more simple in living physically, 
so as to be more deliberate in living spiritually.


Never mistake having a theory 
as knowing the truth. 
Never mistake understanding of theory 
as realisation of truth.