STONEPEACE (1071-1080)


‘But’ is but an excuse
to not be more diligent
on the spiritual path.


Self-centred ‘righteousness’ 
becomes self-righteousness, 
that attempts to be ‘right’ for the wrong reason.


The more blessings you share, 
the more blessings you create.


Never make excuses for one 
who never makes amends, 
especially oneself.


Be grateful if others have helped you. 
Be remorseful if you have harmed others.




It is not reasonable
to think that all others
will always be reasonable. 


As long as not cleaned well, 
a smelly nose smells only smelly smells, 
wherever it goes.


Sometimes, being ‘moderate’ 
is being apathetic to the extreme, 
by not taking the side of truth and justice.


To concentrate is to fully mind 
that to be minded, 
while not minding all else 
not to be minded at all. 

(SS: 30 November 2017)

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