Dementia From Meat, Dairy & Eggs

From Dr. Michael Klaper, M.D., as featured in ‘What The Health’ – ‘Many people are given the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, when it is not true Alzheimer’s at all. The vast majority of people suffer from dementia, due to their tiny blood vessels in their brains clogging up and their nerve cells being shortchanged of oxygenated blood. And guess where that blood vessel dementia comes from? Those tiny arteries are clogging up from that steady stream of bad cholesterol, et cetera.’ 


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From ‘Oxidised Cholesterol As A Cause Of Alzheimer’s Disease’

‘Oxidized cholesterol can be 100 times more toxic than regular cholesterol, raising additional concerns about foods such as ghee, canned tuna, processed meat, and parmesan cheese… Oxidized cholesterol is found in “milk powders, meat and meat products (including fish), cheese, and eggs and egg products.” … Oxidized cholesterol, found throughout animal products. Canned tuna was surprisingly high, but ghee takes the cake. Ghee, clarified butter, boiled butter, is commonly used in Indian cooking. The method of preparation appears to multiply oxidized cholesterol levels tenfold. This dietary exposure from oxidized cholesterol may help explain why the subcontinent of India is ravaged by such heart disease, even though a significant proportion of the population stays away from meat and eggs.’


From ‘How To Prevent Alzheimer’s With Diet’

‘What is behind the dramatic increase in dementia in Japan over recent decades? Maybe it’s rising obesity rates or the “increases in cholesterol, saturated fat, and iron from increases in [meat and other] animal products.”… 

If you look across multiple countries, you see a similar pattern, with “[t]he most important dietary link to [Alzheimer’s appearing] to be meat consumption, with eggs and high-fat dairy also [maybe] contributing.” There appears to be a really tight correlation between Alzheimer’s and per capita meat supply. And, then, studies within countries uncover similar findings, with Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline associated with meaty, sweety, fatty diets, whereas most plant foods are associated with risk reduction.

This could be for a variety of reasons. Animal products tend to have more copper, mercury, lead, and cadmium, and no folate but contain saturated fat and cholesterol, and pro-inflammatory advanced glycation end products, so many mechanisms that dietary modification may be our best bet for reducing risk of Alzheimer’s disease…

Here are the arteries from Alzheimer’s patients, clogged nearly completely shut with atherosclerotic plaque packed with fat and cholesterol. With CT scans, you can follow this “intracranial artery stenosis”—this brain-artery clogging—over time, and follow the “progression from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s disease.”… 

“Chronic consumption of standard Western diets [rich in saturated fat] and cholesterol [may] compromise [our] cerebrovascular integrity” and compromise the blood vessels in our brain. So, of course, drugs are recommended—“pharmacological modulation” of diet-induced dysfunction—but why not just try to eat healthier in the first place?’

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