Stonepeace (1081-1090) Nov18


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Stonepeace (1081-1090)

Stonepeace (1081-1090)


No drama please –
only pure Dharma. 


What more deluded
than one deluded person
is one group of persons
believing in that deluded person.


The more what is
against the Dharma strikes you,
the more should you take refuge in the Dharma,
to not go against the Dharma too.


Be loyal to the truth,
not those
who claim to espouse it,
who might not be.


Just do what is right,
for what else should you do –
the wrong?


If what wrong cannot be pointed out,
it is surely wrong to point it out as wrong.


What needed is corrective action,
not destructive punishment.  


The foolish look for
what corroborates with their foolishness,
The wise look for
what eradicates their foolishness.


Jealousy is a mixed poison,
with greed for the craved,
with hatred of those who have the craved,
with delusion that gives rise to the above.


Brace for suffering
to suffer less.
Fret suffering
to suffer more.

(new: 18.11.19)