[11]-[20] Concrete, Nature, Chaos, Protection, Lamp, Wear, Form, Edge, Rules, Uprightness


[11] Concrete

building tree
with bridge roots.


[12] Nature

Does a walk
through nature
destroy nature?


[13] Chaos

in order
in chaos.


[14] Protection

Moral guidelines
are for protection,
not restriction.


[15] Lamp

Be a lamp
or reflect
its light.


[16] Wear

The truly substantial,
not superficial,
will not wear or tear.


[17] Form

Form with function
or form over function,
or function over form?


[18] Edge

We are always
on the edge
between life and death.


[19] Rules

If you do not
know their rationale,
you might be
following rules blindly.


[20] Uprightness

Even the upright
seems only as
upright as you are.

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