Some Klesa Notes

[1] Enough : What’s in Lack?

Is the person not speaking loudly enough?
Or are you not listening hard enough?

It is no one’s fault in that no particular one is at fault. It is a misunderstanding due to circumstances, mutual delusion if you will, as both are in a way at fault, for not realising they are each probably at fault to some extent.

This is the nature of many matters in our world. The only way to solve such problems is for individuals to awaken.

[2] Gratitude : The Law of Unknown Sacrifice

You will have no idea of the exact amount of sacrifice others (including strangers) have gone through for you, just as others will have no idea of the exact amount you have sacrificed for them… that is – till you are enlightened. So it is always better to be kind and grateful to everyone than not.

[3] Train : To Everywhere But Nowhere

Unless you have motion sickness, I think most of us like riding on trains. Where’s the kick? While not needing to move much, you get whizzed around to places. You get to sightsee interesting scenery and people, overhear the occasional intriguing conversation, while enjoying the air-con.

But of course, as with any forms of enjoyment we indulge in, it gradually becomes sickening. One realises one is apparently going places but is actually going in circular loops to nowhere in particular. It essentially is a trap. Time to get off the train of Samsara.

[4] Chain-Reaction : Some Truth in Chain Emails?

Common chain-email ending – “Send this mail to X number of people and your life will improve. If not, you might get ‘bad luck’.”

Good karma multiplies when you forward good messages that improve others’ lives. But how is this true the other way round, when you share unfounded fear? Your bad karma multiplies.

[5] Experience : The Crucial Differences

You can be moved, yet not transformed to be kinder .
You can be learned, yet not any wiser.

Having emotions about the Dharma
is not the same as realising the Dharma.

(From 27-30 June 2005)

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