Movie Reviews With Buddhist Views

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Movie Reviews With Buddhist Views

149. “Semi-Pro” Players in the Game of Life,6075,0,0,1,0

148. How Not to Break “Rule #1”,6061,0,0,1,0

147. Life Notes from “L: Change the World”,6023,0,0,1,0

146. The Unconditional Love of “Juno”,6008,0,0,1,0

145. Forgotten Lessons from “10,000 B.C.”?,6007,0,0,1,0

144. How to Fall in Love in the City of Love (Paris, Je T’aime),5964,0,0,1,0

143. What If You Were a “Jumper”?,5934,0,0,1,0

142. Why “CJ7” Shouldn’t Be Alien,5900,0,0,1,0

141. Love Advice for “The Heartbreak Kid”,5875,0,0,1,0

140. “This Film is Not Yet Rated” for Sex & Violence?,5848,0,0,1,0

139. The Bittersweet Revenge of “Sweeney Todd”,5838,0,0,1,0

138. Not “Dan in Real Life”?,5795,0,0,1,0

137. “Body #19” is Really Nobody?,5753,0,0,1,0

136. Limiting Baggage on “The Darjeeling Limited”,5744,0,0,1,0

135. Clarifying Murky “Sharkwater”,5728,0,0,1,0

134. “I Am Legend”… And A Bodhisattva?,5683,0,0,1,0

133. The (Anti-)Dogmatism of “National Treasure: Book of Secrets”,5648,0,0,1,0

132. A “Hitman” Struck by Compassion,5560,0,0,1,0

131. More Light for “30 Days of Night”,5558,0,0,1,0

130. The Ever Mindful “Eye in the Sky”,5539,0,0,1,0

129. The “Resident Evil: Extinction” Within,5531,0,0,1,0

128. How “The Golden Compass” Points to the Golden Dharma,5523,0,0,1,0

127. The Dharma of the “Beowulf” Myth,5517,0,0,1,0

126. A Yearning Yarn of “Silk”,5398,0,0,1,0

125. How “Fred Claus” Became Santa,5388,0,0,1,0

124. A Loving Sprinkle of “Stardust”,5377,0,0,1,0

123. The Real Love of “Lars and the Real Girl”,5376,0,0,1,0

122. The “Rendition” of Truth or Lies?,5256,0,0,1,0

121. This 59th Minute of “The 11th Hour”,5251,0,0,1,0

120. “Shoot ‘Em Up” or Lay ’Em Down?,5157,0,0,1,0

119. “Mr. Woodcock” the Accidental Bodhisattva?,5141,0,0,1,0

118. “The Invasion” of the Mind Snatchers,4925,0,0,1,0

117. Reflections on “Evan Almighty” & G. Almighty,4815,0,0,1,0

116. Metta Messages from “Ratatouille”,4770,0,0,1,0

115. “The Bourne Ultimatum” of Anatta,4761,0,0,1,0

114. Some Dharma from “Rush Hour 3”,4743,0,0,1,0

113. The Four Sublime States of “Hairspray”,4741,0,0,1,0

112. “The Simpsons Movie” serves up an “Irritating” Truth,4603,0,0,1,0

111. The Dark Dharma of “Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix”,4459,0,0,1,0

110. Bodhisattvic “Transformers” of Wrath to Peace,4460,0,0,1,0

109. The Missing Mystery of “Nancy Drew”,4356,0,0,1,0

108. A Study of the “Fantastic Four” Elements,4344,0,0,1,0

107. Life & Death in a “Fast Food Nation”,4337,0,0,1,0

106. The Ultimate “Perfume” of Samsara,4334,0,0,1,0

105. The Odds of Getting Even with “Ocean’s 13”,4294,0,0,1,0

104. More than One “Zodiac” Maniac?,4342,0,0,1,0

103. “How to Cook Your Life” with Raw & Refined Mindfulnes,4131,0,0,1,0

102. Some Words on “Words of My Perfect Teacher”,4122,0,0,1,0

101. Give a Timely “Shower” of Love,4113,0,0,1,0

100. Is “The Cup” Half Empty or Half Full?,4141,0,0,1,0

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