Movie Reviews With Buddhist Views

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Movie Reviews With Buddhist Views

099. “Spider-man 3” Versus the Poisons 3,4084,0,0,1,0

098. Transforming a “Fracture” into Strength,3977,0,0,1,0

097. Be “The Last Mimzy” Bodhisattva,3942,0,0,1,0

096. Demystifying “The Number 23” With Karma,3941,0,0,1,0

095. How The Battle of “300” Was Lost & Won,3889,0,0,1,0

094. “The Pursuit of Happyness” in Samsara,3821,0,0,1,0

093. “Hannibal Rising” in Vengeful Violence,3804,0,0,1,0

092. “Ghost Rider” a Wrathful Bodhisattva?,3799,0,0,1,0

091. Reading Dharma Into “Letters from Iwo Jima”

090. Is “Ghost Rider” a Wrathful Bodhisattva?

089. Listen to the Message of “Babel”,3756,0,0,1,0

088. “The Illusionist” is An Illusion,3700,0,0,1,0

087. Lost in “Pan’s Labyrinth” of Fact & Fiction,3668,0,0,1,0

086. “The Illusionist” is An Ilusion

085. Moral Notes Within “Death Note”,3607,0,0,1,0

084. I Need to Wake Up to “An Inconvenient Truth”,3447,0,0,1,0
You are the Critical Mass

083. The Infernal Affairs of “The Departed”,3428,0,0,1,0

082. “The Banquet” of Love & Hate, Loyalty & Betrayal,3193,0,0,1,0

081. “Click” Fast Forward for a Better Life?,3160,0,0,1,0

080. The Bittersweetness of “Hard Candy”?,3126,0,0,1,0

079. “Three Times” Too Many?,2964,0,0,1,0

078. Good Question – “How Much Do You Love Me?”,2953,0,0,1,0

077. The Spiritual Liberation of “Nacho Libre”,2952,0,0,1,0

076. “Superman Returns” to His Bodhisattva Career,2919,0,0,1,0

075. “M:i:III” : Accomplishing A Spiritual “Mission Impossible”,2822,0,0,1,0

074. Deciphering “The Da Vinci Code” with Buddhism,2784,0,0,1,0

073. “X-Men: The Last Stand” for Superiority or Equanamity?,2763,0,0,1,0

072. “The Constant Gardener” of the Garden of Life,2440,0,0,1,0

071. A “Fearless” Lesson on True Victory (Huo Yuan Jia),2359,0,0,1,0

070. An Offering of “Broken Flowers”,2249,0,0,1,0

069. “A History of Violence” – Its Fact in Fiction,2247,0,0,1,0

068. The Lion’s Roar Echoing Through “Narnia”,2161,0,0,1,0

067. “King Kong” Sized Dharma Lessons,2122,0,0,1,0

066. “Chicken Little” – Is the Sky Falling or the Earth Breaking?

065. “Be With Me”, My Beloved… Just Be Love,1734,0,0,1,0

064. The Quest for the Elusive “Ghost in the Shell”

063. Unlearnt Lessons of “The Maid”

062. Are You Alive in the “Land of the Dead”?,4926,0,0,1,0

061. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” of Familial Enlightenment,1601,0,0,1,0

060. From “The Island” of Illusion to “The Desert of the Real”

059. The “Fantastic Four” Versus the “Enlightened One”?,00000001415,0,0,1,0

058. Win the Universal “War of the Worlds”,00000001386,0,0,1,0

057. “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” & Enlightenment?,00000001362,0,0,1,0

056. “Batman Begins” His Wrathful Bodhisattva Path,00000001349,0,0,1,0

055. The “Intergalactic Dharma” of Star Wars,00000001249,0,0,1,0

054. Swinging the “3-Iron” of Your Life,00000001236,0,0,1,0

053. Can the Elusive “Kingdom of Heaven” be Fought For?,00000001178,0,0,1,0

052. From Silverscreen Samsara to Offscreen Nirvana: A Lookback at “Schindler’s List”,00000000950,0,0,1,0

051. Stumbling Forward, Backwards & “Sideways”,00000000896,0,0,1,0

050. “A Series of Unfortunate Events”… & Other Fortunate Events,00000000873,0,0,1,0

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