Philosophy : What Is?

Japan Adventures (16) : Walking the Path of Philosophy

Winnie: What’s so philosophical about this ‘Philosopher’s Walk’ (Higashiyama-Ku: Path of Philosophy)?
Minnie: Obviously, you’re not a philosopher!
Winnie: Chay!
Minnie: It’s the walker, not the walk, that makes the walking philosophical!
Winnie: Well, I can also philosophise about the beautiful scenery here – the river, trees, pathway…
Minnie: But if it’s Zen philosophy being practised, ‘when walking, just walk’ – don’t philosophise!

Kyoto-PhilosopherPath3.gifHigashiyama-Ku is a famous must-see trail in Kyoto with its entrancing neighbourhood houses, shops, cafes, restaurants, museums and parks along the way. It’s a great way to see some of the most important Buddhist temples in Kyoto too. The route was named so as the philosopher Kitaro Nishida (who specialised in Zen and moral philosophy) used to enjoy sauntering along it. Well, there’s no need to muse over what he could had mused over – as there is much to inspire you along the way. It’s interesting that various guidebooks would suggest different detours you can take from the ‘standard’ route, so as to digress slightly to see places of interest in the vicinity. Different routes for different folks! What path of philosophy do you choose in life? Does it digress from taking the Middle Path?

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