Self : Spellbound

In ‘Superman: Camelot Falls’ by Kurt Busiek, Superman resists a spell by repeating a ‘mantra’ (taught by J’onn Jones) that tries to overpower his will – ‘I know who I am. I know where I am. I think for myself.’ To that, illusory avalanche rocks become more solid and resistible, as he pushes them aside, ‘crumbling’ the magic. This is interesting because this scene seems to exemplify the deeply-rooted Western cultural mindset of self-assertion for solidity and control.

If Superman was a Buddhist, he would counter the spell by dissolving his illusory solid sense of self, instead of fortifying it. If he meditates to be one with the truth of the flux of all mind and matter, he would be free of the equally illusory obstacles that are also mind-made and mind-sustained. His self is not unlike the rocks – empty of substantiality. Being sold to the idea of self as something substantial is the ‘real’ existential evil spell to break!


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  1. I have none…! but I know only that a seer sees suffering and knows it’s created by thoughts. It’s illusion! give without thinking seee without thinking do everything without that Thinking! if u know what i mean! U are not wise..just joking! amitabha!

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