What Do You Mean?


A Tit for a Tat (44)

Tit: Why do you do the things you do, that others might misunderstand as insincere and foolish? 
What else can I do, but that with the best of my understanding and sincerity, even if foolish?
Tit: What do you mean?
Tat: All a fool like me can do is to work with my foolishness, to struggle to transform it to understanding, as sincerely as I can.

A Tit for a Tat (45)

Tit: Samsara is disappointing. Such a letdown. Its people especially. Myself included, for letting people down.
That’s what makes this Samsara.
Tit: What do you mean?
Tat: If Samsara is not disappointing to us, it would be Pureland now, and we would be enlightened already.

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