Our Scramble Suits

In ‘A Scanner Darkly’, undercover cops wear a ‘scramble suit’ which covers them from head to toe. Now, this suit does not just make you look like someone else – because it can endanger someone who really looks that way. Instead, it has the ability to let its wearer look like anyone and everyone – by constantly ‘scrambling’ everything on its surface, which changes appearance is every aspect – from the hairstyle to face, and from clothes to shoes.

It becomes impossible to identity who is the one in it. Put two or more of these cops side by side and it becomes more confusing as to who is who. Sounds clever and high tech? Suddenly, it struck me that we all already wear scramble suits. This is not so apparent because our appearance scramble or change more gradually (in this life and from life to life) than readily observable! This is just the truths of Anicca (constant change) and Anatta (non-self) at work!

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