We As Wandering Spirits

Was writing detailed notes for a Dharma@Cinema session
for NTU Buddhist Society’s anniversary celebration
when I came up with the below (as part of the notes):

We too are like wandering spirits
in the flesh, with flesh,
lingering in Samsara
with attachment,
which if we do not relinquish in time,
will bind us here,
or to be wandering spirits in our next lives.

Importance of Communication in Relationships

The movie (The Sixth Sense) is about the need for communication in various relationships and the lack of it on many levels. Without communication, there would be no meaningful relationships. But most of all, the story is about how earnest communication heals all involved.

Communication Between Cole & Lynn

With an unnerving relationship at first, Cole could not communicate to his mother (Lynn) about his fearful ghostly experiences, which were the source of his injuries, while she could not communicate to him about her worries over his unusual behaviour. Both were unsure what each was thinking and did not speak their true minds due to various fears.

Communication Between Cole & Malcolm

Cole had difficulty disclosing the truth to Malcolm that he was a wandering spirit because he wasn’t ready for it, while Malcolm did not find not find it easy to tell Cole that he thought he was very sick. While Malcolm thought Cole needed much counselling, Cole was also counselling Malcolm. They both tried to break the truth to each other gently.

Communication Between Cole & Ghosts

Cole had trouble letting the wandering spirits know he was afraid of their unexpected appearances, while the wandering spirits had problems letting him know that they have no intention to scare him, that they just want some help.

Communication Between Malcolm & Anna

Malcolm did not know how to let Anna know he loved her, while Anna had no way of letting him know the same.

Communication Between Malcolm & Vincent

Vincent could not communicate the reasons for his anguish to Malcolm, while Malcolm could not let him know he was apologetic in time.