Devotion to the Truth

As many of you know, I run a mailing list with over 28,000 readers (, which helps to disseminate news of Buddhist activities free of charge. Recently, a relatively new organisation asked me to distribute news of an upcoming activity. As I was uncertain about one of the teachers, I asked a Dharma friend about him, who voiced some controversies about his unmonkly behaviour, which I then sent to the centre asking for their views. The reply I got was ‘We are sorry that we are not in the position and capacity to comment on the information…’ This is my reply to that:

I hope you will ask the Master to clarify the issue.
If it is baseless, it’s good to clear his name.
If it is not baseless, it’s good to let him know he should change his ways.
Do let me know his response in writing.

If your organisation is not enthusiastic about such potential problems,
I will more carefully consider posting any of your programs in future.
Thank you for understanding the need to protect the Dharma and its practitioners.

If students do not check their teachers, and if the teachers of these teachers are out of reach, who should do the checking? Surely, the students themselves.

Guru devotion means looking out
for the spiritual welfare of the teacher too.
If not, it is hypocritical and blind devotion.

– Stonepeace

Guru devotion does not forgo devotion to the truth.
Guru devotion arises from devotion to the truth.

– Stonepeace